We would just like to congratulate every team that is moving on to the Championships in St. Louis, which include but are not limited to:
-Teams 2590, 11, and 341, the winners of the overall competition
-Teams 1218 and 303, the Chairman’s Award winners
-Teams 25 and 1676, our Engineering Inspiration competition
-And all the other teams moving on.

The Tin Mints thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend. On Friday, we had our EI interview, and we feel like we did our best. Saturday was quite eventful, what with the alliance selection and elimation rounds. A few Girl Scouts came to see us, which was so exciting! Since we did not bring our robot with us, we showed the girls some other teams’ robots, including Team 357, who was our mentor team during our rookie season last year. The girls were able to see some of the matches up close, and they thought it was so cool! Also, as an aside, I would like to shoutout to the kid from Team 4954 taking selfies with all the teams. It was a pretty cool idea.

Throwback Thursday

I thought I would do a Throwback Thursday picture today. Here’s a photo of the Smart Cookies from our first competitive year for FLL, way back in the day (just kidding, it’s from 2012). Ahh, programming an NXT robot, learning about and coming up with a solution to a real world problem, and teaching others about Core Values. Those were the days…

And here’s one of the Tough Cookies…

MAR Championships

The Tin Mints have been anxiously awaiting the final list for the teams qualified for MAR (Mid-Atlantic Robotics) champs at Lehigh University. And after much consideration…we still do not know, but we are hoping to know by tomorrow. If we do qualify (fingers crossed!), we would be excited and honored to compete against the other teams. Even if we do not get the opportunity to compete at MAR, we are hoping to receive the Engineering Inspiration Award to get us to St. Louis!

Here’s the link for MAR’s Website: