STEM Workshop at the Granite Run Mall- May 3, 2014

On Saturday, May 3, we held a STEM workshop for younger Girl Scouts. They learned about all levels of FIRST, especially FLL. They learned how to build and program an NXT robot using Mindstorms, played fun games, and built a “brushel bot,” made out of floor scrubbers and vibrating toothbrushes. They had a lot of fun making the brushel bots, especially because they got to decorate them! We also demonstrated our robots from the past two seasons, Rosie and Rosie 2. The girls, and their moms, were in awe of both robots, and loved seeing our first Rosie shooting frisbees. They took home the GSEP FIRST Robotics Patrol STEM patch to place on the back of their vests.

Miss Laurel talking about FIRST

Building NXT robots