Battle O’ Baltimore

Last weekend we participated in the Battle O’ Baltimore. Rosie did very well- she completed her autonomous mode of moving forward and shooting into the high goal 100% of the time! We are improving on scouting; some girls and parents volunteered to scout for this event.
We made it to the quarter-finals, but unfortunately lost. The winners of the competition were teams 2537, 1885, 4945, and 422, and the runners-up were teams 836, 2528, 357, and 533. Great job to all the teams who participated!

Ridley Park Victorian Fair

This past Saturday we had the oppurtunity to go to the Ridley Park Victorian Fair. We demonstrated Rosie, sold a lot of brushel brushes and T-shirts, and talked about our team to everyone who walked by. We even sold a few flocks of flamingos, which is turning out to be a great fundraiser! There were several people who were very interested in our team and our accomplishments, and we even encouraged a few girls to try robotics out! All the girls and parents did a great job promoting our team and helping to run our table.