4-H of Delaware County Robotics

samrevolution4-H of Delaware County Robotics works in partnership with 4-H of Delaware County and Eastern PA Robotics Alliance to provide robotics and STEM programs to young men and women in the 4-H program.

Though you do not have to be a current member of 4-H to join, we do ask that you register as a member of 4-H to participate.

We have teams available for kids entering grades K through 12.

Below is a description of all of our offerings:

FLL Jr – ( FIRST LEGO League Jr) This amazing program is for kids entering grades K through 3 in the fall. Kids build simple machines and simple robots using LEGO. We also explore various subjects in science. This program mixes hands on activities with games, programming, and plenty of excitement! Meets once a week. $295 per year


FLL –  (FIRST LEGO League) This program operates as a competitive team for part of the year and skill building the remainder. The teams, for kids entering grades 4 through 7, receive W4Ha new challenge every year in August. These challenges involve robot competition, a project, and Core Values. The robot challenge involves a competition board that changes yearly with various tasks the robots have to complete for the maximum points in 2:30. Project is finding a real world solution to a problem and Core Values are our teamwork skills. We build robots with LEGO MINDSTORM using motors and sensors. This program combines teamwork with competition and adds a huge dose of FUN! Meets once a week year round, but adds extra hours prior to competitions. $595 per year


FRC – (FIRST Robotics Competition) The Sport For The Mind! Here we build 120lb competition level robots to compete against other teams in the area and around the world! This program, for kids entering grades 8 through 12, is a varsity level sport..but with robots! We delve into the worlds of engineering by using programming, CAD, machining, and wiring. The program also offers opportunities in photography, videography, marketing, writing, business plans, finance, fundraising, and so much more! This program is called, “The Only Sport Where Everyone Can Go Pro!”

We have several different days available on our schedule. We hope that one fits you!

The current schedule for our programs is (pick one):

FLL Jr  Mondays 5:30-7:00pm

FLL Jr Sundays 11:30am-1:00pm

FLL Tuesdays 7:00pm-9:00p,

FLL Sundays 1pm-3pm

The FLL teams do add an additional four hours per week in October and November to get ready for competitions in December. Additional times will be determined by team/mentor availability.

To register for our program please use the link below:



For additional questions (and information on the FRC team), please email us!