For everyone asking about a boy’s community robotics team…
Guess what?
We have it for you!

 We are officially announcing today that we will begin interest sign ups for a 2017 rookie FRC team. This will be an all boys community team. THE TIN MEN!!!!!
This is being done so interested students, parents and mentors will have the opportunity to come out and visit the Tin Mints in action and to see first hand what First Robotics Competition is all about.
This is for grades 8-12
Email us at for more info

January 30th, 2016

Today, our patrol has laid to rest a loving and caring person. Robert Bendell was the father of one of our FLL kids and a mentor to the teams. He was an important part of our program, as well as a firefighter and a major part of the community, and he will forever be in our hearts and in our minds. Ten percent of the funds raised  at the Delco Robotics Beef and Beer fundraiser this coming weekend will be donated to his son Tyler’s education fund.
Our thoughts and prayers will be going out to his family.
With Love,
The Tin Mints