FLL Coaches Award 2012-2013

FLL Mentor Award 2014-2015

FRC Dean’s List 2015

FLL – Food Factor – 2011

Project Award (Franklin Institute Qualifier)WP_20160220_13_35_09_Pro (1)

Robot Design (Franklin Institute Qualifer)

Project Award (Penn Champs)


FLL – Senior Solutions – 2012

Champions Second (Qualifier)

Project Award (Qualifier)


FLL – Nature’s Fury – 2013

Project Award (CHA)


FLL – World Class – 2014

Judge’s Award (Archbishop Wood)


FLL – Trash Trek – 2015

Core Values (Hatboro Horsham)

Champion Second (Hatboro Horsham)


FRC Rookie Year – Ultimate Ascent – 2013)

Highest Rookie Seeded (CHA)

Rookie Inspiration (CHA

Highest Rookie Seeded (LEN-SEN)

Rookie All Star (LEN-SEN)

Imagery Award (MAR Championships)

Judge’s Award (Ramp Riot)

Finalist (Battle of Baltimore)


FRC – Aerial Assist – 2014

Engineering Inspiration (LEN-SEN)

Finalist (Girl Power)

Finalist (Monty Madness)



FRC – Recycle Rush – 2015

Imagery Award (UDHS)

Entrepreneurship  (Queen City)

Winners Award (Queen City)

Finalist (Battle of Baltimore)

Judge’s Award (Ramp Riot)

Winners (Girl Power)