For everyone asking about a boy’s community robotics team…
Guess what?
We have it for you!

 We are officially announcing today that we will begin interest sign ups for a 2017 rookie FRC team. This will be an all boys community team. THE TIN MEN!!!!!
This is being done so interested students, parents and mentors will have the opportunity to come out and visit the Tin Mints in action and to see first hand what First Robotics Competition is all about.
This is for grades 8-12
Email us at for more info

January 30th, 2016

Today, our patrol has laid to rest a loving and caring person. Robert Bendell was the father of one of our FLL kids and a mentor to the teams. He was an important part of our program, as well as a firefighter and a major part of the community, and he will forever be in our hearts and in our minds. Ten percent of the funds raised  at the Delco Robotics Beef and Beer fundraiser this coming weekend will be donated to his son Tyler’s education fund.
Our thoughts and prayers will be going out to his family.
With Love,
The Tin Mints

World Championship in St. Louis

bunnyAfter winning the Queen City Regional with Team Titanium and the Pink Team, we qualified for the World Championship. Most of the team flew, while some took the thirteen-hour drive. On Wednesday, we went to the Innovation Fair, where we talked with a lot of FIRST sponsors, received giveaways and saw demonstrations. We then had to set up the pit (Shoutout to MOE for transporting some of our stuff). On Thursday, the qualification matches began (Newton Division!), and our rank fluctuated throughout the day, though our robot performed consistently. During our lunch break, some went back to the Innovation Fair and others went to Scholarship Row and tried liquid nitrogen graham crackers. That night was opening ceremonies, and several inspirational speakers announced the Dean’s List winners – congrats to those who won! Roboprom was also that night and thanks to Team 399 for a great first Roboprom!

On Friday, we played more qualification matches and our final rank was 60th. We met a lot of people from other teams, “sealed” some pits, and just overall had a great time. Saturday morning was the awards ceremony and alliance selection, and though we were not picked, we had fun the playoff matches. After the playoffs, Einstein was played on two separate playing fields, and Teams 118, 1678, 1671, and 5012 from Newton won! Closing Ceremonies consisted of Chairman’s being awarded to Team 597, and Dean Kamen speaking (Note: Dean’s Homework is to spread FIRST faster). The night went out with a bang with DJ Andy Caldwell, Christina Grimmie, and Boys Like Girls who were all fantastic. We had the best time and hope that we will come back next year!
Finally, thank you to everyone who made it possible to go to Worlds. Without your help, we would not have been able to experience something that for some people may be a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you!

District Competitions March 2015

Two weeks ago, we competed at the MAR Springside-Chestnut Hill Event with 35 other teams. Our robot performed decently, and we were ranked 18th. However, we were not picked during the alliance selection, but Jordan did win the hula-hooping contest in celebration of Pi Day. We took full advantage of the opportunity to work on the robot and decided what needed to be added and taken away. Between this event and the Upper Darby District Event, we added a ramp that would allow totes to slide easily into our robot from the human player station, downsized our chain (from size 60 to 45), and added supports.
This past weekend, we competed at Upper Darby. We performed much better here than our previous event. We made several stacks of 4, 5, and 6 totes in our matches. At the end of the Qualification Matches, we ranked nineteenth and were selected to be on the 7th alliance, headed by Team 5404, the Gearaffes, and accompanied by Team 1168, Malvern Robotics. We were knocked out in the quarterfinals, but we fought valiantly. We additionally received the Imagery Award (we were a little bit surprised when they called our team number) and Erin got Dean’s List. Overall, it was a pretty awesome day.

Congratulations to the winners 225, 2607, and 4460, runners-up 316, 272, and 5420, Chairman’s winners 321, and all the other teams at this event!

Dawgma’s “Sealed” Pit


Hula-Hooping Champion of Pi Day

Week 1: Hatboro-Horsham 2015

We are not competing at Hatboro-Horsham, though we are scouting, volunteering, and cheering on the other teams. There are some really impressive teams competing! We know we’ll have some serious competition at Sprinside-Chestnut Hill, our first district event. Good luck to all the veteran and rookie teams competing this weekend!

Here’s info on the Hatboro-Horsham District Event

Kickoff 2015

All teams around the world, both rookie and veteran, were anticipating the new season as they watched the   countdown until the livestream began. After numerous delays and movie previews (Slingshot and Spare Parts), we were all finally able to view the new challenge! It is called “Recycle Rush.” Robots must stack totes and recycling bins and place pool noodles in the recycling bins. Watch the video: