Cold Regions ~ Jr FLL

~Cold Regions of the World~

-Jr. FLL Neverending Season


Week 1: Different Locations

  3. Color in a map with some of the coldest places in the world picked out
  4. How do you think your life would be different if you lived in a very cold area?


Week 2: Penguins

  1. Swedish Fish Eating Contest

~Nothing says happiness quite like swedish fish!

  1. Fun Facts About Penguins


  1. Penguin Races

~Practice waddling like a penguin! You may want to have the children just run on

Their own while waddling or have them wear a large pair of pants to help them


Week 3: Cold Ocean Mammals (whales, orcas, ect.)

  1. Blubber Project

~ wrap your hand in Crisco and see if it protects you from the cold!


  1. Animal Atlas

~ print out a map and color in the areas where the different adaptive mammals live. Here is a great resource on the various animals:


Week 4: Fish

  1. Water Bottle Fish Craft


  1. Fish in Cold Water



  1. Can Fish Freeze in Cold Water?



Week 5: Mammals That live on the Land

  1. Arctic Animals


  1. Color in a Lemming



Week 6: Plants

  1. Can plants live in the Arctic?



  1. Learn to Like Lichen!



Week 7: People Who Live in the Cold Areas

  1. How to build an igloo



  1. What is it like to live in the South Pole?



  1. Map the different stations and the countries they belong to on Antarctica