FLL Junior ~ Countries of the World

~Countries Around The World~

-Jr. FLL Neverending Season


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Week 1: Mexico


  1. Make day of the dead decor

~ Michaels will usually have skull masks made of paper that are great to paint.

There are also premade sugar skulls or your can make your own sugar skull using

A mold kit. Paint on the paper skulls with regular paint and use a fondant with

A toothpick for the sugar skulls.

This is a great one and uses sugar cubes:



  1. Story on the day of the dead

~  Day of the Dead by Bob Barner

  1. Make a mini pinata

~ Use an empty tissue box and fill with candy or small toys and tape the opening

Closed or use a bit of light cardboard. Cover the tissue box with tissue paper

And colored construction paper.


Week 2: Brazil


  1. The different types of carnival


  1. the reason behind carnival


  1. make carnival worthy masks

~purchase inexpensive masks from a craft store or online. Put out random

Beads, glitter, buttons, sequins, gemstones, feathers, etc and some glue in bowls

With paint brushes to apply the glue. Keep a hot glue gun handy for difficult

To apply items.


Week 3: Germany


  1. The science of the ferris wheels

~ http://www.michaels.com/craft-stick-ferris-wheel/B_66511.html

  1. History of Oktoberfest

~ http://www.vistawide.com/german/oktoberfest/oktoberfest.htm

  1. Make root beer

~ http://allrecipes.com/recipe/43309/homemade-root-beer/

This recipe has dry ice in it. Be sure to use gloves and not let the dry

Ice touch exposed skin.


Week 4: France


  1. the science of the fireworks


  1. water color fireworks

~ Here is a great video to show you how to make watercolor fireworks with your

Kids. You will need watercolor paint, paper, and straws.


  1. history of bastille

~ http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/articles/holidays/bastilleday.htm


Week 5: China


  1. the history of the cat

~ http://www.livescience.com/41984-cats-domesticated-china.html

  1. the history of fireworks

~ http://kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com/en/10Kaleidoscope8486.html

  1. make paper lanterns



Week 6: America


  1. Make goblin masks

~Green construction paper, hole punch, ribbon, paint, glitter, markers

  1. history of halloween


  1. make candy