FLL Junior ~ The Oceans

Week 1: The Ocean

  • National Geographic Kids Facts


  • Rocks to Sand (sugar cube experiment)

For Each Kid you are going to need

  • Three sugar cubes
  • One clean water bottle

INSTRUCTIONS- place the sugar cubes in the bottle and have them shake it until there are no chunks of sugar left.

Explanation of how sand is made- wind, water, and other rocks hit each other breaking off and rounding small fragments of rocks….. Sand.

  • Ocean In A Bottle (Art)-

For each kid you are going to need

  • a water bottle half full of water
  • 8 oz. of veggie oil
  • a few drops of blue food dye

INSTRUCTIONS- put the drops of food dye into the water and then fill the bottle to the top with the oil. Close the top and you have an ocean in a bottle

Week 2: Sea Mammals

  • Blubber Experiment


  • One large bowl of ice water
  • one plastic glove per child + one extra to fill with lard
  • one cup of lard/ solid Crisco


  • Fill the extra glove with the Lard/Crisco
  • have each kid put on their own glove on
  • Have each kid take their turn putting their glove into the one filled with lard and dipping it into the ice cold water.

This will work the same way blubber does.

Week 3: Crustaceans

  • Animal Atlas Videos-
  • Crabby Crackers (snack)-

For Each Person to get two you will need-

  • Four Ritz Circular crackers
  • 16 mini pretzel sticks
  • Four mini Marshmallows
  • Peanut butter/ Fluff if there is an allergy


  • Cover two of the Ritz crackers with either peanut butter or fluff. Then put another cracker on top of each one.
  • Stick six of the mini pretzel sticks into the peanut butter or fluff (three on each side).
  • Take the four other pretzels and stick a marshmallow on each one.
  • Stick two of the pretzels into the top of the

Week 4: Coral Reef


  • Ten Bendy straws per Kid
  • One Piece of blue card stock or construction paper per kid
  • Markers
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Rubber bands


  • Wrap the rubber band around each set of ten super bendy straws
  • Have the kids decorate the ocean on the card stock.
  • Take the hot glue gun and glue the group of bendy straws standing straight up on their papers.
  • Let them bend and design their own anemone out of the straws
  • Coral Reef On a Plate (Snack)- Colorful rainbow goldfish (fishies), pull and pull twislers (as sea anemones), gummy sharks (sharks), gum drops (rocks), [optional] monkey bread,

Week 5: Fish

  • Pollutions (Experiment)
  • Fish Bowl Plates (Art)
  • Rainbow Fish (story)

Week 6: Sharks

  • Animal Atlas Video
  • Sharks and Minnows (game)
  • Shark From An Envelope (Art)

Week 7: Jellyfish

  • Children sit scattered about the play area on geometric shapes.
  • Without telling the others, each child is assigned a creature that lives in the ocean on the back of their mat.
  • One player is chosen as the fisherman.
  • The teacher/caregiver calls out, “The Ocean is calm”.
  • Moving about the play space, the fisherman calls out names of various fish or sea creatures such as:
    Shark, eels, star fish, sting ray, clams, squid, etc.
  • When a player hears the name of the creature they have been given—they get up and walk behind the fisherman.
  • When most of the players have been called out, the facilitator calls out, “The Ocean is stormy”.
  • At this, all the children already caught– must find new seats.
  • The child without a seat becomes the next fisherman.

Week 8: Birds of the Ocean

  • You need one paper plate (per kid), markers and water colors.
  • Have the paper plate cut into the shape of a sea shell.
  • Have the kid water color their own design.
  • Try to build a pelican out of Legos (team build activity)