Mentors and Volunteers

None of our teams can exist without the help of volunteer mentors, coaches, and parents. Each team needs a coach and all of our teams need mentors. You don’t need any experience, infact, you don’t have to be an engineer or programmer! What you do need is a desire to learn and to help guide the kids.

Coaches can receive help from our existing coaches and mentors. There are also plenty of resources available on line.

Mentors can specialize in what they already know as long as they are willing to help the kids learn the skills as well. Are you good at graphic design, CAD, programming, marketing, photography, video, writing, sales, finance, carpentry, machining, sewing, grant writing, public speaking? Then you can be a mentor! In fact, just tell us where you would want to help and we can find a place for you.

And parent volunteers are always needed for fundraisers, donation solicitation, office work, transportation, being a supportive shoulder, and always…a cheering squad!

Our teams can not exist without volunteers. Often it is the only thing that prevents us from starting a new team is the absence of a coach and mentors. So please step up! We will give you the tools to succeed.

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Here are some links for those interested in coaching and mentoring FLL and FLL Jr