Summer Camp

EPRA Summer Science Camps

Love science in the summer? We make science fun! We have summer camps that range from explosions to chemistry to ROBOTS! Come join us and see how fun it can be to experiment all summer long.

Camps are either in Wallingford or Broomall. Check the descriptions for location. Before and after care available for all camps.

Regular camp times 9-4. Before care available 8-9 After care available 4-6.




Week of June 19th: Science of Explosions Camp (Grades K-5)

Week of June 26th: Chemistry Camp (Grades K-5)

Week of July 3rd: LEGO Club Camp (Grades K-5)

Week of July 10th: Programming Camp (grades K-5) / Wood Shop Camp (Grades 6 – 12)

Week of July 17th: Science of Explosions Camp (Grades K-5) / Wood Shop Camp – WOOD SHOP CAMP IS A FOUR DAY CAMP MONDAY-THURSDAY (Grades 6-12)

Week of July 24th: Science of Star Wars Camp (Stage One) (Grades K-7)

Week of July 31st: FIRST LEGO League Camp (Grades K-5) / FIRST Robotics Camp (Grades 6-12)

Week of August 7th: FIRST LEGO League Camp (Grades K-5)/ FIRST Robotics Camp (Grades 6-12)

Week of August 14th: Graphic Design Camp (Grades K-5)/ FIRST Robotics Camp (Grades 6-12)

Week of August 21st: LEGO Robot Camp (Grades K-5) FIRST Robotics Camp (Grades 6-12)

Week of August 28th: Space Camp (Grades K-5)


Camp Descriptions


LEGO Robot Camp

Have fun building with LEGO! We will work on LEGO Mindstorm robots, starting with concepts in engineering then moving on to programming. We will compete with our robots on a FIRST LEGO League challenge table to complete various challenges. Plenty of time for LEGO building challenges and other engineering challenges!

Broomall Location

Drone and Rocket Camp

Learn to build a basic drone and fly it! We’ll work on aeronautical and engineering concepts then move on to rockets! Build a rocket to take home. Reach for the sky!

Fun for all ages!

Broomall location


Science of Explosions Camp

Can you name all of the different kinds of explosions? There are many kinds of explosions and all of them lead to fun! We will spend the week blowing stuff up. What is more fun than that?

Broomall location

Chemistry Camp

Learn about how different chemicals reaction. We will have plenty of hands on activities that are age appropriate. Come on out and learn how different things react and have some fun!

Broomall location

LEGO Club Camp

Our shortened week will have fun building with LEGO! We will build challenges and work on robots! LEGO Mindstorms will be waiting for you to build and program.

Broomall Location

Programming Camp

Learn to program in various languages depending on the interest and the ages involved. We can cover everything from a WeGo to Java and beyond! What do you want to learn about? We can do it!

Wood Shop Camp

Learn to safely operate power tools and make several projects to take home. Kids can decide on what they want to build. This is a very hands on camp! Take a project from start to finish.

Broomall Location


Graphic Design Camp

Want to learn how to work with PhotoShop? Design t-shirts, buttons, and banners? You can make projects to take home. Bring out those artistic skills!

Broomall Location

Space Camp

Reach for the stars! Explore constellations and planets. Learn about the International Space Station. Build a model version of the solar system, a model rocket, and plan to take off!

Broomall Location




Science of Star Wars Camp


Come explore the science behind Star Wars as we learn how light sabers could work, if a Death Star could really destroy a planet, and how space travel would affect your body. We will dive into the emerging science of the future as well as the science all around us at it relates to the universe of Star Wars!

We will make our own lightsabers, learn to levitate like a Jedi, and make our own X-Wing fighter.

Plenty of additional science and robot activities will round out the week, plus a surprise visit from a Star Wars character or two!

Come dressed as your favorite character or come as you are.



 logocolor200 FIRST LEGO League Summer Camp

Welcome to Robotics Camp!   This program is an ideal opportunity to experience what FIRST Robotics is all about, learn more about engineering, programming, and design and have fun while doing it!robot7_IMG_0251_ag

Our program for kids entering grades K-6 is a one week program based to on the LEGO Mindstorm program.  The kids will have the opportunity to work with the Mindstorm robots, and have fun with other STEM based activities. We will offer plenty of outside time to allow them to burn off energy and conduct cool outdoor experiments.

This class will be broken up as to interest and ability. Plenty of activities for shorter attention spans!

Wallingford Location


858783_341880899250055_1173898190_oFIRST Robotics Summer Camp

Our older kids program, for kids entering grades 7 through 12 is a two week program, though you may opt for a one week session.  This camp will allow the kids to build their own FIRST ROBOTICS Competition style robot and drive them in a field environment.  The campers will get to experience design, CAD, building, and programming of a full size robot.


Please feel free to contact us regarding the grade/age separation of the camps. If you have a child who you think would enjoy a camp but doesn’t fit within the grade requirements, please let us know! We are happy to meet with you and your child to see where their abilities, attention, and interest levels would fit into our programs. 

Wallingford Location




Sale Through End of May!


$450 one week

$900 two weeks


You can choose to print out the camp registration form and mail it back with a check:

Camp Registration Form

Or register online using the form at the end of this page. Once that is submitted, pay for camp here:

Online Camp Registration


**If you are currently registered in an Eastern PA Robotics Alliance Program or a GSEP Robotics Patrol program you receive a 10% discount on camp!  Use coupon code, “currentcookie” for discount. 


Broomall Location:

501 Abbott Drive

Broomall, PA


Wallingford Location:

Stage One

101 Plush Mill Rd

Wallingford, PA




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