Tin Mint Bios

Get to know some of our team members!



Tin Mint Since: 2016

Favorite Part of FIRST: Working on the robot

Most Memorable Moment: Winning Chairman’s

Activities and Hobbies outside of FIRST: Studying languages, Girl Scouts, business, and reading fantasy novels

Quote: “Challenges are what makes life interesting”



Tin Mint Since: 2015

Favorite Part of FIRST: Driving and meeting new friends

Most Memorable Moment: When we won the Chairman’s Award

Activities and Hobbies outside of FIRST: Civil Air Patrol, Wrestling, Swimming, and Diving

Quote:  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb trees, it will live it’s whole life believeing it is stupid”




Tin Mint Since: 2017

Favorite Part of FIRST: I love the feeling of being on a team.

Most Memorable Moment:  Cassie dumping sprinkles on a cake.

Activities and Hobbies outside of FIRST: Art, video games, and making friends.